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"trusting god to give the growth?"
By Pastor Brenda  16 Feb 2020

"Demonstrate the power that lives within?"
By Pastor Brenda   9 Feb 2020
"god's wisdom and power in the cross?"
By Pastor Brenda   2 Feb 2020

"the message not the messenger?"
By Pastor Brenda   26 Jan 2020
"Well Pleased"
By Pastor Brenda  12 Jan 2020

"Fit for a king?"
By Pastor Brenda  5 Jan 2020

"so now what?"
By Pastor Brenda   29 Dec 2019
"Does this spark joy?"
By Pastor Brenda   22 Dec 2019

"are We there yet?"
By Pastor Brenda   8 Dec 2019
"praise god for all wondrous things"
By Pastor Brenda   24 Nov 2019
"praise in thanksgiving for the good news"
By Pastor Brenda   17 Nov 2019

"got joy?"
By Pastor Ken Lytton   10 Nov 2019

"the servanthood of the saints...following in their footsteps"

By Pastor Brenda   03 Nov 2019

"Renewal, Reform, and Revival"
By Pastor Brenda   27 Oct 2019

"Build, Plant, Multiply, Pray, Heal."
By Anthony Mills  13 Oct 2019

"remake us lord, for your service"

By Pastor Brenda   22 Sept 2019


By Anthony Mills   15 Sept 2019

"the best gift is you serving the lord"

By Pastor Brenda    01 Sept 2019

"Aheart for god"

By Pastor Brenda    25 Aug 2019

"Wise investment strategies"

By Anthony Mills     11 Aug 2019